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A new paradigm in the fields of Health, High Performance Sports and Research. Functional Electromechanical Dynamometry. Versatility and constant updating. Seven working modes. Electromechanical control. Quantification and immediate control of the load. Easy and adapted use. Creation of exportable reports

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A system that adapts to your needs

Seven different ways to generate and control force and motion

Dynasystem consists of three parts: Software, Stand and Device. Applications range from dynamic (tonic, kinetic, elastic, inertial) to static (isometric, vibratory). Dynasystem machines can be configured to modify the variables in work modes, and save the data in printable reports with figures and tables.

Modo Cinético

Kinetic Mode

Control the speed of the task in concentric and eccentric phase. Isokinetic and pleokinetic efficiency

Modo Cónico

Conical Mode

Turn your system into the conical pulley you need. The device will do the rest to provide you with an inertial warranty boost

Modo Elástico

Elastic Mode

Perfect simulation of training with elastic bands and rubber bands, with the possibility of modulating the strength

Modo Inercial

Inertial Mode

Plays the stimulus generated by isoinertial discs

Modo Isométrico

Isometric Mode

Perform isometric contraction while observing all force-related values live

Modo Tónico

Tonic Mode

Modulates resistance by adding or subtracting kilograms in the concentric and eccentric phases

Modo Vibratorio

Vibration Mode

Your Dynasystem can also be a vibrating platform during isometric contractions

Sistema multifuncional

Multifunctional system

A versatile device, with great working capacity in a reduced environment and adapted to each situation

Dynasystem in pictures

A small sample of everything we can do for you


System for high performance sports work

Different work modes for training in high performance sports. Test your limits and overcome them with our system. You will know at all times your results, your evolution and your progress


System adapted for health care

Advanced comprehensive method for rehabilitation, functional readaptation and specific exercise of persons with reduced physical abilities


System for scientific research

Advanced scientific research in strength and motion for universities and research centers

Monitoring and control

Analytical and controllable system

With Dynasystem you can control all the parameters of each exercise, get immediate information on the progress of your physical work and detailed reports of results

Versatility and flexibility

Endless possibilities

Turn your Dynasystem into the device you need. With our accessories, you will be able to do everything you can imagine

A unique system

A new paradigm

Strength and movement like you've never experienced them before. Rediscover your limits. Test Dynasystem

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